Institutional traders, funds and other financial services companies are able to maintain liquidity accounts in Ven with dedicated account management and enhanced trading privileges.

For institutional clients, escrow account balances are managed in conjunction with Morgan Stanley, Citibank or HSBC.

Institutional purchases are managed with USD, EUR or other foreign currency transactions via Morgan Stanley New York. Account:

Wire to:
Citibank NA, 399 Park Avenue, New York NY 10022
ABA: 021000089
FBO Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC
A/C 40611172

For further credit to: Hub Culture Ltd
Account Number: 654 046 132                                           
Morgan Stanley Beneficiary Address:
1300 Thames Street, Baltimore MD 21231

Private clients are able to access OTC and Escrow services provided with Ven through Hub Culture. In these special situations, clients who have passed KYC and AML requirements with their HubID are able to place orders for private placement with funds escrowed with Hub Culture Agree, a digital contracting service provided at Both parties receive an executed real-time copy of the contract, and upon completion Hub Culture clears the escrow funds between the parties to complete the trade.

The service is available for pre-qualified amounts and available in all assets for which Hub Culture Syndicates are available, as well as selected pre-sale and pre-ICO deals to which Hub Culture is a buyer. A list of qualified OTC assets is available here.